Self Portrait (2015)

Acrylic on canvas

15.24 ✕ 15.24 cm


Why the bee lost its stinger and die?

A group of bees gain safety to individuals. Who dare to attack bees' crowd?

Yet, have you ever seen a little bee visit your home alone?

Your world is too big and too new to it, just like our world is too big for us to explore even for a whole life time. Instead of following bees' crowd, I rather explore on my own and forgone absolute safety.

Many people may scare for its stinger. But, bee would only use it when encountered fatal danger.

Lose of stinger means lose of life.

Once, a man think woman is heartless when refusing to be friend after breaking up. The man would never know how much tears have derived from this saddest decline.

LI_ningyan_Bee_2015_acrylic on canvas_15.24.jpg